About Us
Mir&Co Production makes the full range video and photo production since 2013.Here you can entrust us with your ideas and rely on us from the very beginning till the end of the editing process.

Video ads

Are designed to create the company reputation, services and products promotion, information supplying with the aim of sales increase. Can be found both on TV and on the Internet. Timeframe:
14-25 days
staring from 25000 UAH Contact us

Image videos

Are to enhance the reputation of the company among potential consumers or partners, which can positively affect loyalty to a particular product or service. Timeframe:
7-21 days
staring from 15000 UAH Contact us

Music video

A music video designed to distribute and popularize your musical composition. Timeframe:
14-60 days
staring from 25000 UAH Contact us


We work with a variety of animation types: 2D, 3D, clay animation, cardboard, computer and others. Animation can be both a video clip itself and an excellent graphic and infographic inserts as the addition to the video. Timeframe:
14-45 days
staring from 7000 UAH Contact us
We edit not only our videos, but also can edit yours. Timeframe:
3-14 days
staring from 5000 UAH Contact us
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+38 050 382 40 27 +38 063 247 81 21 [email protected]
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